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Dre Smith and Breanna Aponte are engaged and full time business partners.

Together they own 3 successful businesses and both have thriving personal brands. They have both successfully quit their jobs to be their own boss by the age of 20 and 24 and have created these courses to help you do the same!

Connect: @itsdresmith @breannaaponte

"I hit 10k followers in just a couple of months following All About It's grow your following formula that they teach in their course! I was so amazed at how quickly it works and the fact that it's completely organic!"


"AAi's Grow Your Following Training is a great investment. We started a clothing line but was having trouble spreading awareness. Thanks to the following formula we now have over 15k followers."

Branded By CB

"I've never personally used AAi's growth formula but I have paid for their growth services in which they use the same method. They were able to grow my account by 1k a week. "

Hope Wiseman

"I just hit 10k followers using All About It's growth method and I'm still shocked at how quick and easy it was. Not only has my followers increased, my engagement increased as well. I'm so happy I know the info I do now and can proudly grow my brand."

Calli Rae

"Doing an insta-makeover completely changed the game for me. Now I have a brand that matches my personality and professionalism! It was quick, easy and now I know how to manage and maintain my page moving forward!"

Crystal L. Bass

"Doing an insta-makeover truly changed the way I viewed and used social media. It's allowed me to put myself out there in a more professional light while still showcasing who I am and my fun side all while building my brand & following!"

Cece Liles

"I was able to hit the 10k following mark with the help of Bre and the All About It following formula! It was quick and really easy to do. It's all about committing to it and being bold enough to put yourself out there."

Kaila Thomson

"Business is booming since my insta-makeover!!!! Thank you so much! I finally feel like this online business is actually possible. I'm so thankful for finding you and your business, it literally has taken me to the next level and beyond! "

Jazmine Travers

"I had no clue what to do with my social media or how to use it in order to promote my business. The insta-makeover allowed me to revamp my page and have a clear strategy."

Nybia Ezwan

"Doing an Insta-Makeover really made a difference for my brand and online presence. I highly recommend this if you are trying to build an online brand or business. "

Bebek The Brand
@bebekthebrand | Clothing Line

"I had just started a business and was having trouble reaching my target audience via social media. Thankfully I found All About It and their grow your following formula. I passed 10k followers with ease and continue to use the formula on a regular basis to grow my brand and business."

Corlecia Brower

"Receiving the insta-makeover was such a help. I know understand how to best use content to promote my services as well as have a page with a really nice aesthetic. All About It grew my following by 500 followers a month, it was awesome."

Maggie Paridon

"With the AAi growth formula, I've been able to more than double my following. It's really easy to do once you get the hang of it and its all organic which I love!"

Tenille Moon

"We received an insta-makeover and the grow your following services from All About It. We grew our page by 5k followers with their formula. "

Sky Lounge Skin Care
@skylounge_skincare | Beauty Lounge

"Doing an insta-makeover was so helpful for my brand. Before, I posted whatever, whenever and was lacking engagement due to that. Now, I have a clear strategy and a beautiful looking page which helps with growing my following"

Sheena Price

"I started my page with 200 something followers. All About It grew my following by 500 followers a month for 5 months with their grow your following formula. It was huge in helping me launch my online business as well as the insta-makeover."

Juanita Denee

"We were able to hit 10k followers for our brand page as well some of our artists by using the Grow Your Following formula All About It gave us. It was a great investment."

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