How To: Quit Your Job To Be Your Own Boss

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We did it, and you can too! Our all in 1 online course & workbook provides you with a step by step guide to leave your job and create the life you've always imaged! Download our course outline below.

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What's Included:

Our online course includes personalized videos, unlimited access to online course, printable and digital PDF guides and our custom hands-on workbook.

Online Course

Unlimited access to the entire online course. Includes videos, pfd's guides, activities and physical workbook.

PDF Guides

Beautifully branded digital PDF's that walk you through the process of our online course.

Physical Workbook

Our custom workbook delivered right to your door. Providing a hands-on experience as you complete the course.

How It Works

Our course consists of 6 sections that provide personalized assistance to discover, brand, launch & build your "it". All of which will allow you to create an exit plan to quit your job and be your own boss.

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See what past students say about this course!

"I was so stuck with starting my business and this course was my life saver! It's super detailed and doesn't miss anything! I'm 3 months into starting my business and I have a plan, the necessary knowledge and the confidence to not give up! "

Dominique Gay

"I was all over the place before this course. The thing I loved the most was the "discover it" phase. It helped me understand what my true purpose was and all the possible options for my position which ultimately lead me into launching my business as a virtual assistant for women owned businesses."

Ashley Taylor
Virtual Assistant

"Wow, wow, WOW! I cannot believe this course is so affordable. The knowledge and guidence that I received from this course was worth every penny and plus some! I'm so thankful and ready to launch my business with the confidence I needed to make it succeed! Thanks Dre & Bre! "

Heather Mathew
Personal Stylist

"I'm thankful for this course. It's really opened up my mind to different ways of making my business succeed that are realistic. I struggled with building my brand online but this course solved that and now I have consistent clients each and every month. "

James Bowen
Sneaker Designer

"I was looking for clarity on what I should be doing and how I could start my own business but still be true to who I am. This course hit it on the head! It was so detailed and did a great job of walking me through each process to get to the end and put what I learned into action. Definitely well worth the investment. "

Rachel Harris

"LOVED THIS COURSE. Literally the best investment I've ever made! I am so excited for this new chapter of my life now that I have what I need to succeed! I recommend this course to ANYONE looking to start a brand or business. "

Tiffany Lowe
Financial Advisor

Meet Your Instructors


Dre Smith and Breanna Aponte are engaged and full time business partners.

Together they own 3 successful businesses and both have thriving personal brands. They have both successfully quit their jobs to pursue their "it" by age 20 and 24 and have created this course to help you learn to do the same!

Connect: @itsdresmith @breannaaponte 

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