3 Benefits Of Quitting Your Job To Start Your Business

entrepreneurship Aug 31, 2019

Post By: Dre' Smith 

Quitting my job to run my business full time was the best decision I have ever made in my life! Now, three years later, after learning so much, I wanted to share with you the top 3 benefits that I feel come with quitting your to pursue your “it”. 


1. Freedom

Freedom is everything! Everyone dreams of the day when they can wake up whenever they want, travel when they feel like it, make their schedule, and be in charge of their own time. Just imagine having the freedom to work from wherever you want, whenever you want, however you want and my personal favorite, wearing whatever you want. I can personally attest that there is nothing like making a profit in your PJ’s! 

However, as great as physical freedom is, the freedom that I came to appreciate the most is the creative freedom. I know for a lot of you that are reading this, you are stuck at a job where they are doing things inefficiently, the things that were done in the past no longer work however you are continuing to do them and anytime you bring up a new idea or question why things are done the way they are you are met with opposition. 

Quitting your job allows you the freedom to create and innovate without the bureaucratic red tape. You have the freedom to run systems how you want, market how you want and create a structure that not only makes sense for your business but also for you! 

Remember, some of the most innovative things that our world has ever seen (iPhone, Automobile, Computer) came from entrepreneurs who had the freedom to dream and create with no limitations. 


2. Unlimited Profit

My first job out of college was a sales job. And although I was not crazy in love with my job and knew it was not the last stop for me in life what I did appreciate was the ability to make additional income on top of my base salary by just selling more. One month I had an $8,000 commission check on top of my base salary, and it was lovely. 

That is just a glimpse of what you can do when you are actually running your own business and taking home all the profit. Owning your own business is like having a sales job in the sense that you get out what you put in and if you go all in the profit potential is endless. In our first year of business Bre and I would have months where we would make $12,000 + a month because we were going all out but also months that were just at about $4,000 if we decided to take a break or back off the gas. 

The main reason that people walk away from their job is because they feel they are not being compensated for how hard they work. Working so hard to make the company that you work for money while your income is capped at a certain amount. Although with your business you will be working harder than you have ever worked at a job, you will never be told you can only make (X)  amount a month. You will be able to take on as much as you want, with the only limitation being how much you can physically handle. 


3. Impacting Others

Lastly, quitting your job allows you to change others' lives in a way you have never been able to before. For instance, with our social media and branding company, we have clients who regularly employ us to hire models, creative direct, and shoot their products or services. We use that as an opportunity to employ inspiring underrepresented models. Models who are turned down by agencies because they are to tall or short, or their skin tone or body composition does not match the agency's “brand.” 

Whether it’s giving opportunities to those who would not have had one, giving to charities that are close to your heart because of your extra income, or just having the time to spend time with those in need, this aspect of owning your business is honestly the most rewarding and will be the thing you are most proud of. 


Last thoughts

Make sure to purchase our course on “How To Quit Your Job To Pursue You it” to enjoy these incredible benefits of quitting your job to start a business. Remember:

  • You gain physical freedom and creative freedom
  • The ability to earn as much as you want
  • The opportunity to impact people's lives like never before

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