3 Ways To Work Smart NOT Hard

entrepreneurship Aug 31, 2019

 Post By: Breanna Aponte

Working hard is admirable, but what if you could work smart instead? That means spending less time getting more results. Sign me up!!! The most valuable thing we have is our time, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to waste it. 

I’m going to share my #3 ways to implement working smart NOT hard: 


1. Planning

It might sound simple, but I know for a fact some of you reading this do not plan ahead. I don’t mean the day before, I mean 60-90 days in advance. The further out you plan, the less you have to do, and the easier it becomes.

You should be planning your calendar, content, projects, and events 60-90 days ahead of time. This eliminates stress and allows you to prepare for those big days ahead properly. 

Do you have a physical calendar? GET ONE, I know we have a calendar on our phone, but to visualize your year and next couple of months, you need to see it laid out in front of you. Oh and write in pencil and keep your coffee away from your calendar because stuff happens!

I always look at my year as a whole and designate a theme or big picture to each month, allowing me to focus a full 30 days around one main goal whether I’m holding an event, launching a new product or service or simply taking a vacation! Plan Plan PLAN!


2. Creating a Schedule 

Now that you have your yearly plan and 60-90 day focus create a schedule to allow you to meet your deadlines and reach your goals. This includes a DAILY schedule. Yes, know yourself, and how you work best. What puts you in a productive space?

My typical daily schedule is wake up, prayer & meditation, workout, shower & get ready for the day, COFFEE, definitely coffee and then I sit at my desk or workspace in my living room (depending on my mood), and I work until about noon. I take a 1-hour break and then continue to work on my to-do list until 7-8ish.

This schedule works for me, four days a week, and the other three days look a little different. You have to find a schedule that works for you, your workload, and your goals. Hold yourself accountable by setting deadlines and rewarding yourself when you reach your goals. Whatever works, get it done!


3. Batch Working 

My favorite thing in the world. The KEY to working smarter, not harder. Stop doing the same tasks over and over again and batch work instead. Take one day of every month to create your content, one day to create your captions and schedule out your posts, one day to automate your emails and or blog posts.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Take the things you do on a weekly or daily basis and batch them together. Get them ALL done in 1 day so the rest of your month can be focused elsewhere.

Batch working is fantastic because it gives us more results in less time. You ever work on something and get in the zone? You notice how much quicker you work and feel GREAT after you realized you completed it. That’s batch working, focusing on 1 task that yields results for the rest of the month.

For example, I take one day every 60 days to create, edit, and schedule out my content. I create ALL my captions in 1 sitting, making sure to provide my followers with intentional content that serves them value and inspiration.

Free up your time to do the more significant tasks at hand. 

I hope these three tips help you with working smart and NOT hard. The key is to find what works best for you and commit to it.


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