5 Things You Need To Grow Your Instagram

social media Aug 31, 2019

  Post By: Breanna Aponte

You want to grow your Instagram but can’t seem to figure out how. I know from experience with my page and our clients, what matters to grow. Check out my top 5 things that you should focus on to build your brand or business online: 


1. Quality Content

I know not everyone has a professional camera. Which is okay, because that isn’t the type of quality I’m talking about. Quality content is more than an expensive lens; it’s everything included in creating a photo.

For example, I can create an amazing photo with my iPhone, in my house, on my couch. I post a lot of images that do well straight from my phone, take a look at the images below. 




But here is what you need to consider when creating/capturing your content:

  • Lighting: If you don’t have good lighting, the image will look poor quality and make it hard to edit. 
  • Background/scenery: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT take pictures in a place that makes no sense for your page and then post it anyway cause you think you’re cute. Be intentional and find a photo-worthy space.
  • The message: What message do you want to share with your photo? For example, If I want to share tips on journaling, I would take a picture of me writing in a journal. If I want to talk about fellowship, I will take a photo with friends. Be intentional towards the message you’re trying to get across. Don’t confuse your audience. 
  • Colors: If you have a theme to your page (which you should) the colors in your image even including your clothing, should match that theme.


2. An Overall Theme

Most people don’t want to take the time to establish a page theme, and that’s why they struggle to grow. People like things that look nice. You could have awesome captions and knowledge, products, or services to share with the world, but if they are turned off by your lack of esthetic, they won’t get the chance to see it.

People have a minimal attention span and judge you within seconds of coming to your page. You want them to stay, right? Hit that “follow” button? Then you NEED to take your page seriously and stick to an overall theme. Here are some examples: 


Your highlight covers should match the theme of your page because they stick out. You can create highlight covers in Canva.


3. A Brand Message/Story

One of the easiest ways to sell yourself is to share your story. People like things they can relate to that evoke emotion and allow them to feel like they are getting to know you. My followers feel like we are best friends, and it’s because I have taken them through my journey sharing important experiences, challenges, and wins that have shaped who I am today.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable; your audience will appreciate and support it. They will also be more inclined to engage because you're putting in the effort to connect with them. 


4. Value

What value do you provide your audience? The best way to keep someone coming back for me is by providing them with value they can only get from you. When you post things of value, your audience will also share your content with friends either word of mouth, via tag or even mentioning you on their story. 

Value could be simple tips and hacks in your niche, inspiration, or motivation geared towards your target audience, discounts on products and services, free giveaways, educational knowledge, etc. Be creative and find what works for you.


5. Consistency

Consistency is KEY. You have to show up for your audience. The more you do, the quicker you grow. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to post every day; I don’t encourage that. Quality over Quantity when it comes to content. Here are ways in which you can be consistent on your Instagram: 

  • IG Story: Show up daily on your story, here you can ultimately be yourself and give people behind the scenes of your life and who you are daily. 
  • Posts: Show up on your posts, when people engage with you, engage back. That’s what a relationship is, and that’s what you want with your audience. 
  • DM: Do not be that person who doesn’t check your DM’s. You are not that cool, and people don’t deserve to be ignored (unless of course, the DM is a creepy guy or woman with no profile picture asking you to be his/her sugar baby, we don’t want those problems). However, most people in your DM genuinely want to connect with you. You might make someone’s day by responding to their message, and trust me; they won’t forget it. They will show up for you just like you showed up for them.
  • Engagement: Take time every once in a while to show your audience some love. Like their pictures, comment, let them know you see them. This makes them feel even more connected to you, and again, they will show the love back.

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