5 Tools For Businesses On A Budget 

branding entrepreneurship Aug 31, 2019

 Post By: Breanna Aponte


We know as a new entrepreneur, the budget can be a little tight. This doesn’t mean your brand or business has to suffer. I’ve worked with people with all sorts of budgets from big to small, and today I’m going to share the tools that can get you great results at NO cost.


1. Trello: Organization Tool  

Literally my life safer! This software is a “get you right” app and desktop tool to help you stay organized with your daily tasks, projects, deadlines, and more. One place where you can keep everything you need and easily access and edit on the go.


2. WIX: Website Builder 

Wix is a super user-friendly site builder that allows you to use pre-created templates to create a custom site that’s right for you. They are super helpful by providing tutorial videos for pretty much everything, but they also provide 24hr customer service should you need help with anything. 


3. Canva: Design Studio 

Canva is incredible for anyone just beginning or experts. Here you can create custom designs including logos, business cards, promotional flyers, promo templates, mood boards, letterheads, and more. Canva gives you an option to export your files via JPEG, PNG, PNG (transparent), PDF, and PDF Print. They now offer printing services as well so you can create and print on demand. You can share your designs between team members by simply sharing to your email. Canva offers thousands of templates and makes designing easy for anyone.


4. Later: Social Media Management Software 

Talk about social media management made easy! Later is an excellent platform to plan and automate your content. They make the process super easy with a couple of simple steps. Create your account, connect your platforms, upload content, and schedule it out. We use Later to manage all of our pages and our clients, and I LOVE it!


5. Wave: Accounting Software 

Tracking your finances in business is soooo important. Wave is a free software that allows you to connect your bank accounts, sync your expenses, balance your books, and be ready for tax time. This is perfect if your just beginning or can’t afford an accountant.


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