How To Become Motivated For A Job You Hate (Assigning a Purpose) 

entrepreneurship Aug 31, 2019

 Post By: Breanna Aponte

 My first job was flippin burgers at McDonalds. I needed a lot more than motivation haha. I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since I was 20, but from the age of 14 to 20 I worked many jobs, sometimes 3-4 at a time. How? I was motivated!

When we work a job, we know it’s not our forever job; it’s our “right now” thing. So how do you become motivated to show up every day and make the best out of it?

Here are our tips: 


1. Assign It a Purpose

When you assign anything in your life a purpose, it becomes more meaningful. It becomes clear what its purpose is. If you continue going to your job talking about how much you hate it and how bad you want to leave, then you will always hate it. However if you set goals like, “once I save up 10k I'm leaving” or “I'm going to work this job until my degree is paid for,” then your job has a purpose, and you will be more motivated to go each day. 


2. Build your skills: 

Even though most of you don’t like your job, think of all the opportunities there are to learn a new skill set and perfect it. For example, even though all I was doing was flipping burgers, I learned critical skills from that job that helped in life and the businesses that I have now. Here are some examples: 

Responsibility: I learned what it meant to be responsible at the age of 14. Showing up to a job that wasn’t my ideal place to be, taught me to show up, roll up my sleeves, and get to work. Every day I showed up to work I CHOSE to earn my own money because I was learning what it meant to be an adult. 

Time Management: Having a job taught me to be on time, show up prepared, and stop making excuses. I also had a crazy schedule that I had to juggle with cheerleading, babysitting, and trying to enjoy my summer. It taught me that when you plan things right, you feel great and can accomplish things without feeling overwhelmed. 

Multitasking: Yes, I was flipping burgers but at the same time I had to mop that greasy floor every 30 minutes, fill up the meat trays, run to the back to pull inventory, check my phone when no one was looking (lol) and maintain a cheerful presence so that I didn’t give them any reason for firing me because I was saving up for my first car!

Now if I can find opportunities to skill build working at McDonald's, you have no excuse for your job.  


3. Build relationships: 

This is my favorite part of making a job you hate work to your benefit. This exact reason is why I have been so successful in life. I build relationships anywhere I am. You have to take your situation and make it make sense for you. 

I was 16 working at Dots (a clothing store for women) as a sales floor rep. I HATED their clothing (our little secret), but I had to sell it to women every day. I had to say things like “wow, that looks so good on you” or if it looked terrible, “let’s try this one.”

At the age of 16, I had no idea how the skill of selling ugly clothes would make me a great businesswoman. I didn’t even know I wanted a business at that age. Those skills showed up later in my life when they mattered most.

Working at Dots, I met soooo many women. I remembered them when they would come back to shop, and they would always ask for Bre, if I wasn’t the one greeting them at the door. As I got older, I realized working there and building relationships with the customers taught me how to network, which is basically going up to a stranger and selling yourself. 

It also taught me how to speak with confidence and plays a massive role in why I feel so comfortable helping women, giving advice, and speaking into their lives. Some of the women I met while working there ended up showing up in my life with different opportunities. (Never underestimate God because he will use the most random people to deliver your blessings.) 

Lastly, my co-workers ranged from college students to mothers, some who started around the time I had and some who were there for years. I made sure to build individual relationships with each of them, which made going to work fun because I felt like I was working with friends. Drop the “tude” and try being a pleasant person and watch how your work atmosphere changes. Build relationships so work doesn’t feel like a “job”.

I hope these tips help you look at your job in a new light and encourage you to find opportunities to learn and grow from the process.


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