Talent Versus Followers (Why is it all about Followers) 

social media Aug 31, 2019

Post By: Dre' Smith 


First we need to set the record straight! Just because someone has a large following does not mean they don't have talent!

This post comes in response to this flourishing social media age. Although social media has created tons of opportunities for people, there is a constant complaint among many users that less talented people get opportunities only because they have larger followings. I must admit, this is an interesting topic, so let's dive in to see why this happens or if it's even true at all.


Why It Happens?

Somethings are not a black and white thing, but a green thing! It's all about the money! Just as success in basketball means you’re scoring points and success in football means your scoring touchdowns, in the business world, the way success is measured is by making money! It's not personal! If they are going to spend their money on something they want to get the best return for their investment. Let's look at this example:

A hair company is looking to promote a new product, and they are in search of models for a new campaign, with a $2500 budget. 


They have two options: 

(1) Get an experienced model from an agency. This model has been working professionally for years, so the shoot is guaranteed to be smooth and easy producing excellent images; however she does not have a following, so you are relying on the companies advertising dollars to push the product. 




(2) They can get a social media hair influencer who has 250k followers. This person may not be as experienced in front of the camera, so the shoot will come with a lot of coaching however if she posts the picture or campaign on her page that's an additional 250k people that will be reached, from a source they trust, to help sell the new product. Now which one sounds like a better return on the $2500 investment?

The thing that you have to realize is that it's not personal; it's just business. Companies want to make money, and honestly, if you were in their position, you would probably do the same. 


What Should You Do?


This is a message that we are continually trying to get through to people who think their talent is all they need to succeed. You do have your occasional few who make it but those days are becoming less and less. Let's think about it. How many people do you know personally that can sing or rap pretty well? I know a ton. Now think of how many of them have real success in music (touring, albums, shows, etc.) probably not many, if any. But I'm pretty sure there are plenty of mainstream artists that you can name that you feel can’t sing or rap at all! This is all because the brand always wins out. Even if someone recognizes you for your talent, they will want you to build a brand. If you create a brand, there is always a way to make money!

Remember what I said at the beginning of the post, “Just because some has a large following does not mean they don't have talent!” My suggestion is, start to build your brand. The great thing is you have the talent! So now it's time to start growing your audience and brand so that more opportunities will come knocking at your door! What do you have to lose?


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