The 5 Types of Entrepreneurs: Which One Are You? 

entrepreneurship Aug 31, 2019

  Post By: Breanna Aponte

Let’s discover the type of entrepreneur you are.


1. The One Who Doesn't Want To Work

Welp, if this is you. I want to be clear: You aren’t an entrepreneur at all because IT TAKES WORK. If you can’t work for somebody else, what makes you think you will work for yourself? If your already demonstrating lazy habits, imagine what would happen if you had the freedom to choose when to work? 

The only way you could become an entrepreneur with this mindset is if your rolling in dough and plan on investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into something that yields a profit without any work at all like investing. 

We all would love to make money without physically working and trust me, IT’S POSSIBLE, but it takes hard work, dedication, vision, execution, and patience. It’s not an overnight process. Most entrepreneurs struggle their first three years in business, so you have to be committed. 


2. The Strategist

Awwww how cute, your a nerd :) I mean this is the best way! This is Dre in our business! You prefer to measure twice before cutting once. You take little to no risk and make calculated decisions. If you’re this type of entrepreneur, you take your time to gather information and analyze something before putting it out there. You feel like there’s no room for mistakes. 

Advantages of Being a Strategist: 

  • Create well-thought-out business plans
  • Won’t start a business unless you have done all the needed research
  • Minimize the chances of failing in business
  • Focus on data versus emotion or gut feelings 
  • Don’t waste time making simple mistakes 

Disadvantages of Being A Strategist:

  • Not a risk-taker
  • Moves slower in business (typically decision making) 


3. The Hustler

We’re cut from the same fabric you and I. We are motivated by our dreams and are willing to work hard to achieve them. Because of this, we often overwork ourselves and burnout. We tend to work hard and not smart. We are willing to get rid of all distractions to focus on our dream, giving no excuses to getting what we want. Failing isn’t an option no matter what it takes. 

Advantages of Being A Hustler:

  • We have thick skin
  • We will outwork most people
  • We don't give up easily
  • We are confident
  • We see losses as just another step in the process, makes us work harder

Disadvantages of Being A Hustler:

  • Usually prone to burn out
  • Don’t relate to others who don’t work as hard
  • Wear out their team members who don’t have the same work ethic
  • Short term thinking, have difficulty growing their business 

Even though many hustlers never give up, a lot of them are willing to try anything to succeed, which unfortunately means that they have a lot of hits and misses. Achieving their dreams takes a lot longer than most other types of entrepreneurs. If you are this person, you can adapt and learn methods of reaching your goals with less work. For me, I had to learn to work smart, not hard.


4. The Visionary

You have a clear vision of what you want your brand or business to be. You see the big picture and the end goal before even starting. You are the person who has a creative imagination and spends a lot of time thinking of the future. This is Dre in our business! Sometimes I think his ideas can be a little too ambitious, but don't tell him I said that, shhh! 

Advantages of Being A Visionary: 

  • You're creative and innovative
  • Your focus is the long term goal
  • You know what you want 
  • You believe in your brand or business

Disadvantages of A Visionary: 

  • You may have a vision so big that you don’t know where to start 
  • You may have the vision but not have the needed resources to accomplish it
  • You see long term goals which can jeopardize the short term goals


5. The Expert

You are the person who has perfected a skill or craft to the point of being an expert. You are really good at one specific thing. People will easily trust you because of all your years of experience. You can get people results quickly in a particular area, making it easy to market. This is me in our business! Ya girl is a social media and branding expert!

Advantages of Being an Expert: 

  • You’re an expert haha enough said 
  • You can focus on one niche
  • Your ideal client is crystal clear 
  • Your experience makes you credible 

Disadvantages of an Expert: 

  • You may be an expert at something your not passionate about creating a disconnect between you and what you do
  • It’s hard for you to transition into offering services or products outside of your expertise 
  • You may lack creativity and vision for your brand or business

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