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Our "Grow Your Following Formula" is guaranteed to grow your IG following by a minimum of 10k in 1 year.

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Our proven method has allowed us and our clients to grow by 10-30k organic and targeted followers a year. Download our FREE course sneak peek for full details of what the course offers.

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Followers = Opportunities

Hear from Breanna Aponte why growing your Instagram following is more than just a number on your profile page.


What's Included:

Our online course includes personalized intro videos to each module, unlimited access to online course, digital and downloadable PDF's and our 7-Day Trial Checklist.

Online Course

Unlimited access to the entire online course. Includes personalized intro videos, downloadable PDF's, and activities.

Digital & Downloadable PDF's

Beautifully branded digital and downloadable PDF's that help guide you through your activities.


Our Step by Step Checklist to guide you through testing your page to create your custom formula. 

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Dre Smith and Breanna Aponte have grown their followings to where they are now completely organically and strategically with the same formula provided in this course.

Individually, they have grown their pages by 25-35k followers just in the last year. They created this course to share their formula with you.

Connect: @itsdresmith @breannaaponte


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